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The Surroundings

The winery Tercia de Ulea, is located in the hilly region of Murcia called "El Noroeste Murciano" and is very much linked to this territory. The north-west of Murcia, is a mountainous area in the offset of the Sierra del Segura, which separates the Castilla La Mancha plain from the Mediterranean coast. This hilly area, formed during three centuries the frontier between the moslim and christian kindoms in Spain. This fact and the geographical caracthristics of that space, developed a very special social structure based in many small villages, mountain farms, etc, spread along this huge territory, where some arab culture remained along the years until nowadays.

Tercia de Ulea winery surroundings

On the other hand, the dual mediterranen and continental weather, make a rare mix of vinayards, amond trees, olive oils plantations and high mountains.

The administrative region of Murcia region "Comarca del Noroeste" is formed by the villages of Moratalla, Bullas, Cehegin, Caravaca y Calasparra which are near to the villages of Nerpio, Socovos and Letur of Albacete. All this picturesque villages have beautifull landscapes with narrow streets and keep rests of military fortress of the Santiago Military Order. The capital of the region, Caravaca de la Cruz, is the 5th Saint Christian Town of the world and has an interesting castle where a relic of the Christ Saint Croos is kept. Every fourth year Caravaca celebrates a Holy Year.

Parts of the territory of the villages Bullas, Cehegin and Moratalla, form de wine area under de D.O. Bullas.


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