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The Winery

Tercia de Ulea winery. Outside.

The removal of the old winery to the next door building, La Casa de Labor, allowed to update the manufacturing facilities and technology to improve quality, keeping the craft production philosophy.

The manufacture of the wine is adjusted lot by lot, to extract the most interesting caractheristics of each grape variety and terrace soil. The wine tanks are all of them bellow 10.000 liter capacity. This fact permits to treat each vineyard in a different manner, balancing the different caractheristics in the final coupage. So we get a wide range of flavours in our wines.

Nowadays we manufacture dry and semi-sweet rose wines and red wines of the vintage and oak cask aging.

Tercia de Ulea winery tanks

The winery belongs to the D.O. Bullas (guarranty of origin).

The winery keeps an important relationships with the neighbourhood of the region and agriculture turism. For this reason we have adapted an old barn into a wine space under the name "La Casa de Labor", where we allow our visitors to taste and buy our wines, whilst they can understand our manufacturing process, amoung the old equipment, watching the current facilities through several glass walls.


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BUSINESS HOURS: Mornings from 9:00 to 14:00 Hrs.

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